Grade Required in KCSE To Study Actuarial Science

The education industry is one of the most important in the functioning of an economy.

Knowledge enhances the critical thinking and creative minds of people. Equipping the economy with a workforce that can help steer economic growth. Statistics show a good education system is good for economic growth.

However, not everyone is eligible to study the course of their dreams. Some courses are just dreaded and ‘reserved’ for the most brainy guys.

If you are looking for a marketable course in Kenya, then Actuarial Science is one of them.

Insurance companies need actuaries to help advice them make decisions regarding insurance premiums and predicting for the number of claims.

A very good KCSE grade is necessary to join the best universities in Kenya. However, if you are really interested in the course, you can study it with a C+ grade. KEMU, Mount Kenya University. CUEA and Kisii admit students with C+, but KUCCPS will most likely admit you when you have an A- and above. Some universities are also strict with a self-sponsored student that does not have a good grade.

A good grade in Mathematics will be a good boost to your aspirations.

With the ever changing grading and admissions environment, is is better to be safe and work really hard to attain the best grade so that you have all options.

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