Counties with most high schools revealed

Kisii High School gate
Kisii High School gate

Kenya is among the African countries with the best education systems.

There are a total of 47 counties in Kenya. Each county has several schools that compete yearly in national examinations.

However, the number of schools in these counties is not the same,. Some counties have more schools than others, According to latest revelations, Kisii County has the highest number of secondary schools in Kenya.

Samburu and Isiolo counties have the lowest number of schools in the country, with each having 10.

Kisii County has 317 secondary schools.

There are 94 national schools in Kenya, which are evenly distributed in the 47 counties.

According to the ranking, Makueni, with 311 secondary schools, has the second highest number followed by Kakamega (297), Meru (289), Machakos (269 Kitui (265), Murang’a (263) and Bungoma (240).

According to the figures, counties in the arid and semi-arid regions have the lowest number of secondary schools.

These regions also have the lowest population. For instance, Kisii has close to 1.2 million people while Garissa has about half that number. On the other hand, Makueni has about 884,000 people while Marsabit has about 291,000 and Samburu 223,000.
Although Nairobi had one of the highest number of KCPE candidates this year, 46,232, it only has 73 schools.

This is in contrast to Kisii, which has the highest number of schools although it had only 26,597 KCPE candidates.

According to the Knec data, Mombasa is the only county without a county school. It has a total of 28 district schools.

In the last round of Form One admissions early this year, the top two boys and girls from every county were admitted to national schools.

The rule was be implemented regardless of whether a candidate sat exams in a public or private school.

National schools

KCPE candidates are allowed to choose four national schools when registering for the national examinations. They also select three county schools, two from their home county and one from another county. A candidate is considered for selection based on the order in which one selected the schools.

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