Best Private Universities in Kenya

University rankings differ from one ranking factor to another. It is possible that a good university in research may not be good when it comes to rankings based on infrastructure. However, it is also possible for one to be good in all raking factors.

The considerations for ranking span from charter and accreditation to availability of degrees not only in the undergraduate level but also at the graduate level. Other factors include the mode of teaching, resources such as libraries, etc.

Based on UniRank criteria, the following are the top best private universities in Kenya.

The updated list is:

The following is a list of best private universities in Kenya:

    1. private university ranking in Kenya:
  1. Strathmore University
  2. United States International University Africa
  3. Mount Kenya University
  4. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  5. Kenya Methodist University
  6. Africa Nazarene University
  7. Daystar University
  8. University of Eastern Africa, Baraton
  9. Kabarak University
  10. KCA University
  11. St. Paul University
  12. St. Paul’s University
  13. Riara University
  14. Africa International University
  15. International Leadership University, Kenya
  16. Pan Africa Christian University
  17. Management University of Africa
  18. The Presbyterian University of East Africa
  19. Amref International of Africa
  20. Adventist University of Africa
  21. Pioneer International University
  22. Zetech University
  23. KAG East University
  24. Great Lakes University of Kisumu
  25. Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology
  26. Umma University
  27. Scott Christian University
  28. Gretsa University
  29. Kenya Highlands University
  30. Lukenya University
  31. The East African University
  32. RAF International University

If you are a lecturer or you are interested in being one, you may want to see the average salary paid to lecturers in Kenyan universities.

As a student, the ranking for your university should not matter. Regardless of whether your institution is highly or lowly ranked, you should work hard in your studies. Hiring managers rarely consider the schools you went to.

There you have. The full list of the best private universities in Kenya. How does your favorite on rank? Please leave your views on the comments section below.


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