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List of State Corporations in Kenya

18 September, 2021 |

The following is a list of the Kenyan state corporations. You may be interested to learn more about them. Links open to their respective websites.

  1. Central Bank of Kenya

It is responsible for the regulatory of money supply supply in the economy. You can read more about the CBK.

  1. Competition Tribunal
  2. Financial Reporting Centre
  3. Kenya Post Office Savings Bank
  4. Kenya Revenue Authority
  5. Nairobi International Financial Centre Authority
  6. Public Procurement Regulatory Authority
  7. Public Sector Accounting Standard Board
  8. Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority
  9. Capital Markets Authority
  10. Consolidated Bank of Kenya
  11. Insurance Regulatory Authority
  12. Kenya Investments Authority
  13. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation
  14. National Bank of Kenya
  15. PFMR Secretariat
  16. Privatisation Commission
  17. Retirement Benefits Authority
  18. Competition Authority of Kenya
  19. Deposit Protection Fund Board
  20. KASNEB
  22. Public Private Partnerships Directorate
  23. Public Service Superannuation Scheme
  24. State Corporations Appeals Tribunals
  25. Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC)

Please let me know whether this list is conclusive. Which one is not included, tell me in the comment section so that I can update the list.

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