When you want to start a taxi business, you may be interested in knowing the steps to take to get a drive license. You may also be having the old-generation driving license but you need to have the new smart DL. Below, I explain how you can apply for a smart driving license in Kenya.

Digitization and centralization have been embraced by most government departments starting from the advent of Huduma Centres. National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), has not been left behind as they have Issuance of smart DLs brought into foresight with suspension of the manual driving licenses on 1, July 2020.

Cost of smart driving licence in Kenya

Every driver is now required to have a smart DL failure to which you are exposed to arrests and fines. You will have to part with KSHs 3050 for you to acquire one which automatically allows you to use it for three years before renewal.

Register with NTSA

For you to apply for a smart DL, you first need to have an account on Transport Information management system (TIMS) https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/login_csp.jsp that is anchored and run in the NTSA system.

If you have an account you just need to log in but if not, you go to the register button. Then, select individual option and key in your ID no; in a case where you have replaced your ID number in a span not longer than two years, you will need to use your old ID details or contact NTSA for further assistance.

You will fill in other details such as KRA PIN no., name and phone number. Counter check if your details are correct then send and wait for a verification code that you will feed on the verification tab and you will have registered with TIMS. Once the account is created go back and ‘sign in.’

After signing in, several options will appear where you will select ‘Driving license.’ On this command box you will find details with regard to the current driving license you pick the ‘Apply for smart DL.’ Option. You will be asked to verify that the information with regard to your current license especially the vehicle class. If its correct, you move to apply by clicking the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the page. However, there is an opportunity to correct any anomalies by clicking a link on top of the page-coloured red and wait for the changes to be effected before you proceed.

It’s in the next stage that you will be asked to make the payments via M-PESA, Debit/credit/prepaid card, Airtel money, Eazzy Pay or Mobikash; there is a caveat that the payment is non-refundable with the sum of Ksh 3050 indicated among other instructions.

After the payment has been reflected, you will book an appointment with NTSA at the time and date of your convenience (usually they are stationed at Huduma Centers in your respective County). It takes approximately 5 – 7 working days for the smart DL to be ready for collection at Huduma Centre offices you selected. On the day of your appointment, they will collect data such as fingerprints, biometrics, passport photo among others.

the old former Kenyan driving licence
The old red DL

In conclusion, you need to know that the digital DL looks more like an ID save for the part it has a chip that looks like a sim card. The information in this electronic card can only be read by a special card reader that is used by NTSA. There is an upcoming point system that starts at 100 and you lose them on bad behavior on the road. If you lose points to below 40, your license is revoked and you’re taken back for a refresher training.

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