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These are the perfect boots for strong calves (mazgwembe)

21 January, 2022 |

Boots only suit women with very narrow legs? Crap. Even if you have slightly stronger calves (mazgwembe), you can wear a variety of models wonderfully.

These boots will come handy during the rainy season as opposed to flat shoes and open shoes. You can also avoid the problem that the boots are too narrow by choosing the right boots. We show the coolest styles and have the most beautiful models for you to shop for.

It’s getting colder, time for cozy sweaters and boots. However, many women who do not wear size 0 still shy away from wearing boots. The concern is completely unnecessary. We’ll show you how to cut a great figure in boots even with stronger calves.


Overknee boots are back in fashion this season. However, most overknees are very narrow – that’s not a problem if you just choose the right fabric. Because many boots are currently made of extremely elastic materials. Whether velvet or fabric, these models are much more stretchy than leather and so they fit over every calf circumference. In addition, these boots look great on any dress size and the heel visually lengthens the leg. Only very small women should be careful, as overknees visually compress a bit. It is best not to choose any gathered optics.

And this


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Sock Boots:

These short boots are a must-have this year. They are not as dominant as classic boots, but an eye-catcher thanks to the short, elastic shaft. Again, the material is very stretchy and therefore perfect for all dress sizes. The sock boots go particularly well with dresses and skirts.


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Black boots:

Black makes you slim, and that also applies to shoes. In addition, the color goes with almost everything and looks very classic. Here, too, choose an elastic boot with a narrow shaft – it adapts to your leg and, in combination with the dark colour, makes a narrow leg.


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Boots with a wide shaft:

If you can’t do anything with the elastic fabrics, there are also a variety of classic models, for example made of leather, which are suitable for strong calves. You don’t have to go to an oversize store for this, because there are extra boots with a wide shaft almost everywhere. The boots can also protrude a little around the knee. This directs the focus to the cut of the boots and one cannot guess which calf shape is hidden underneath.


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There are great styles for every character. You only need to know what suits you.

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