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Peeling could be the secret of smooth skin you didn’t know

26 January, 2022 |

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt already appreciated the effectiveness of peelings. Until 1960s, the western world never appreciated this skincare treatment.

The principle behind this age-old beauty trick is relatively simple: the hard skin on the top layer of skin can be easily removed with a paste made from salt and olive oil or a goat hair brush. The result: soft and radiant skin.

But there are now many different ways to peel the skin. In addition to the natural peelings, there are also chemical peelings that activate cell regeneration, especially in the deeper layers of the skin. In the case of the latter, the entire horny layer is first removed and the skin is then treated with fruit acids or lipohydroxy acids. These applications should only be performed by beauty professionals. The healing phase takes up to a week and should be done under medical supervision.

If you don’t want to put yourself and your skin through the rigors of a chemical peel, then a technical peel could be just the thing for you. With a device, the skin is invigorated by a vacuum massage, dead skin cells are sucked out by the air flow and cell renewal is stimulated by the improved blood circulation. And best of all: the devices for so-called microdermabrasion are now also available for private use at home.

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