The current CS for the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Joe Mucheru, is a person that loves the idea of working online. He must have been a freelancer at one time in his life.
On November 24, 2016, he introduced the Ajira digital, a platform that would empower the Kenyan youth to find income opportunities online. This was in a bid to curb the high unemployment rate in Kenya  and offer youth a chance to self-employment work opportunities. Many people enrolled, trained and some of them are now implementing what they learnt in the program. Read here how to save for retirement when you are self employed.
Recently, the ministry commissioned a survey to determine how many Kenyans are working online.
Working online is not a new thing now. Many people around the world have quit their 8-5 jobs to venture into online business opportunities. If you are employed, first make sure the income you earn after venturing into working online is enough. Ascertain that you are comfortable with the hard work it takes. It won’t be wise to resign and start venturing into something that you will quit within a few weeks or months.
If you have a good job and you are comfortable, make online working your side hustle. It will work out well with you if you know how to balance time and respecting the demands of both your day job and night/weekend hustle.
So what is the number of Kenyans working online? Approximately 1.2 million Kenyans are earning a decent and fair income online. Obviously there are others earning it through dubious methods such as wash wash, stealing from others’ sweat. You shouldn’t do that.
Of the 1.2 million:

  • 461,523 are digital marketers,
  • 266,492 are website content and article writers,
  • 168,022 are academic writers.

These figures are expected to rise in the future as more and more graduates are shoveled into the “looking for a job” status. Unfortunately, many companies shun these intellectuals who are then forced to find alternative sources of income. Don’t get me wrong, working online is not a weak alternative.
Some of the online workers quit their full time jobs after admiring the lifestyles of those that were already in the trade. Others completely shy away from applying to the 8-5 jobs — they just fell in love with the freedom to choose when and where to work from. Well, many others are just holding on until they get employment opportunities.

How much do Kenyans working online earn?

The survey revealed that the average income for the online worker is Ksh 20,773. It is good income than nothing. You should note that this is just an average as there are classes in everything. Some people make more than Ksh 5million monthly working online. Others make a meagre pocket change. You have to start somewhere though.

How do Kenyans make money online?

web developers earning online
Writing code

Below are some of the ways you can earn some money online.

  1. Through blogging – While not every blog makes money, many Kenyan bloggers are earning a decent income from it.
  2. Affiliate marketing – this blog contains some affiliate links. For instance if you want to start a blog and purchase a domain or webhosting using some of the links here, I will earn a commission at no extra cost. Sometimes purchasing through affiliate links is cheaper because the companies have to provide affiliate partners with something enticing to market.
  3. Academic writing – I am an academic writer and I have been doing it for 5 years now and still going strong.
  4. Data entry – data is life. And it must be fed into computers for processing or storage.
  5. Transcription services – many podcasters need their oral speeches converted to text, as well as subtitle movies.
  6. Buy and sell domains – good domain names cost a lot, especially when they are a one word domain. You just have to be patient until one lucky day when you will get an offer from a big company. Not every domain name will be valuable. You should be careful not to waste money here.
  7. Buy unit trusts
  8. Cryptocurrency – we all know some moneyed guys who claim to be trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. be wary of some of them.
  9. Develop websites (or WordPress themes) and sell to other bloggers
  10. Start advertising agency
  11. Forex trading
  12. Offer SEO services

Do you want to start working online and make money?

There are many ways Kenyans make money online.
Academic and article writing is the most common. I offer academic writing classes. Academic writing is different from the writing style I am using to write on this blog. It is formal and has some specifics to it.
Another way is through blogging. To buy your domain name and start your blog, follow this link. to buy a .com/.net/.org etc. domain name or this to buy a domain name.
You will be required to register with AdSense and start making money through your blog.
Have you ever made money online? When was your first time and what did you do? I researched some questions for a public speaker in the US through fiver in 2016. It was an easy to do task and I earned easy $8.

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