Stretching pains due to the growth of the uterus

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Pregnancy demands maximum performance from the body. The bigger the belly gets, the more frequent stretching pains occur. Here you can find out what causes the painful pulling and how you can relieve it.

Stretching pain, also known as “mother ligament pain”, is not uncommon from the fourth month of pregnancy. The pain is particularly felt in the lower back and groin, but it can also appear in the sides and abdomen. Especially with fast movements, such as standing up or stretching, there is a pulling sensation that is reminiscent of sore muscles or muscle strains. If the baby moves and kicks the stomach, it can hurt especially badly. If the pain comes on at regular intervals and the abdomen alternately hardens and relaxes, it’s probably not a stretch pain, it’s a preterm labor. Then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Causes of stretch pain

During pregnancy, the uterus grows 100 times in volume and becomes 20 to 30 times heavier than at the beginning of pregnancy. In the twentieth week of pregnancy, the uterus already reaches to the navel, after that it grows almost one centimeter every week. The organ must be supported by connective tissue, muscles and ligaments. These become more and more stressed as pregnancy progresses. The result is stretch pain.

How to relieve stretch pain during pregnancy

To counteract the pain of stretching, you have several options. Above all, you should take the pain as an opportunity to rest. Heat is often a good way to relieve the pain of a stretch: Lie on the sofa with a hot water bottle or take a warm bath. Hot compresses with essential oils can also relieve pain. A stomach massage with fennel, rosewood or chamomile oil relaxes and reduces tension. In everyday life, you can stabilize your stomach with a support band or abdominal cloth so that connective tissue, muscles and ligaments are relieved. So you can also enjoy the second half of pregnancy.

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