Skin problems during pregnancy

Kabi & Milly Wa Jesus Pregnancy

Not only does the figure change during pregnancy, the skin also suffers from the hormonal changes. In some women, however, the hormones also have a positive effect and the skin begins to glow.

Treat skin problems with the right care

If the skin produces more sebum, it becomes oilier and more impure. It is now all the more important to cleanse the skin regularly so that the pores do not become clogged and blackheads or pimples develop. To do this, use a mild facial cleanser, preferably in the morning and evening. If you generally sweat more due to hormonal changes, you should shower more often to cleanse your skin. Pigment disorders are also not uncommon during pregnancy, which is why you should avoid the solarium altogether and wear good sun protection in the sun. Due to the growth of the abdomen, the skin is additionally stressed, in many cases this unfortunately leads to unsightly stretch marks. You can’t do anything about it, since the emergence is also a matter of assessment. However, it is still helpful to apply cream regularly with a plucking massage, to make the skin nice and supple. A small consolation for all those affected: the stripes fade over time, so that you hardly see them later. With a bit of exercise, you can usually get the stretched skin under control again.

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