Shortness of breath in pregnancy and control tips

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels

Where does shortness of breath in pregnant women come from? As the abdomen grows, the diaphragm becomes more and more compressed, which can result in shortness of breath or shortness of breath.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, almost every woman struggles with symptoms such as shortness of breath as the uterus presses more and more on the diaphragm and lungs. Especially if you exert yourself, you will notice that you run out of breath more quickly. This can actually make climbing stairs a challenge. Shortly before the birth, usually around the 36th week of pregnancy, the uterus sinks again in most cases, so that you can breathe more again. In some women, however, the shortness of breath persists until the baby is born.

Helpful tips on shortness of breath during pregnancy

As soon as you get less air, you should definitely give yourself a break, because if you get less oxygen, your baby will also have less of it available. Certain breathing techniques are often very helpful in acute shortness of breath. Ask your doctor or the trainers at the pregnancy exercises about it. Take it easy on yourself in general so that your baby is not harmed. However, too much rest is not recommended. In order to stay fit for the birth and the time afterwards, you should go for walks or swimming every day if possible. This is good for you and your baby.

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