How to use the female condom? It is easy with some practice

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The female condom works in the same way as traditional male condoms, except that the lady inserts it into her vagina before intercourse. The application is fairly simple with a little practice.

The advantage of the female condom is that it is the only contraceptive method that a woman can use to protect herself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Some people report that it interferes with intercourse and that it can slip. However, couples who have practiced using it do not complain. No conclusive statements can be made about the safety of the contraceptive method as there are limited studies.

How to use the female condom

The female condom is made of polyurethane and is 17 cm long like other condoms, but less narrow than these.

It is placed in the vagina before intercourse – unlike traditional condoms, this can happen before the penis is hard.

When inserting the penis, the outer ring of the condom, which rests on the labia, must be held tightly so that the condom does not slip.

After ejaculation, you should twist the outer ring of the condom and carefully remove the condom – this way the sperm cannot escape and the contraceptive protection remains in place.

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