Does this study prove women to be the stronger sex?

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Most women have probably suspected it for a long time: It is not the men who are the stronger sex, but the women.

If you believe a representative survey by Apotheken Umschau, women are better able to deal with pain, illness, strokes of fate and aging than men.

Accordingly, women would be considered the truly stronger sex and not men.

For the survey, 2118 women and men aged 14 and over were interviewed by GFK Marktforschung N├╝rnberg. 76 percent of them stated that the women were better able to deal with serious blows of fate, such as the death of their partner, and that they could get used to the new situation more easily. Two thirds were of the opinion that the men were generally more self-pitying than their female counterparts and would start whining at the slightest symptoms of illness.

However, this probably has a biological reason: The male immune system does not adapt to infections as quickly as the female immune system. As a result, they perceive the symptoms as stronger and more pronounced and suffer accordingly more.

Around half of those surveyed were also of the opinion that men are more likely to give up when they have serious illnesses and that they are less able to cope with the physical decline that occurs during the aging process.

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