Does sex make us intelligent?

Sex is not only good for the relationship and the body – it apparently also increases intelligence. At least that’s the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Pavia.

The Italian researchers explain that sex can increase intelligence as follows: Sex apparently has a positive effect on nerve growth. According to the scientists, this increases alertness and receptiveness in the brain. These statements are supported by the results of a study in which researchers examined the blood of test subjects.

The study participants were initially divided into three groups: singles, newly in love and couples who had been together for a long time. As shown by the blood tests, nerve growth was highest in the newly in love couples. The researchers attribute this to regular sex at the beginning of a relationship.

A study by Princeton University came to the conclusion that sex increases intelligence. In addition to improved cell growth, the production of the sex hormone testosterone is also stimulated, which is also responsible for improving physical and mental health. But even long-term couples can work on their relationship.

The feeling of being in love can be refreshed when couples avoid routine. If they can maintain momentum, shared activities, and communication, they can regain infatuation. However, sex is not a miracle weapon against the degradation of nerve cells – the number of cells generally decreases with age. But as a prophylaxis, sex is best suited, which is also responsible for improving physical and mental health.

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