Dealing with pregnancy difficulties and discomforts

Photo by George Jr Kamau from Pexels

During pregnancy, many women have to deal with unpleasant side effects. Dealing with it is not always easy, because fatigue, gum pain or nausea can sometimes be very stressful.

Common symptoms you have to expect during pregnancy

The most common symptoms you have to expect during pregnancy include nausea and tiredness, especially in the first trimester. Only a lot of sleep helps against tiredness, because the body needs rest now. If possible, take a nap every day and go to bed early. If you suffer from headaches, exercise in the fresh air is recommended. But don’t overdo it, regular walks are sufficient. Typical for the first three months is nausea, which can lead to frequent vomiting in some women. Drink plenty of ginger or peppermint tea, and eat small, light snacks often instead of large meals. In general, you should not take any medication during pregnancy without consulting your doctor,

Dealing with other symptoms

Even light bleeding is normal at the beginning of pregnancy. Only when these become stronger should you see a doctor to check that everything is ok. It is also normal to pull in the abdomen, which can be explained by the stretching of the uterus and the surrounding supporting apparatus. A hot-water bottle or a warm bath is the best remedy. Emotions can also get out of control during pregnancy due to the rapid increase in hormones. They feel irritable, cry for no reason, or are just very sensitive. Here you should always keep in mind that the mood swings after pregnancy pass again.

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