Cell phone radiation promotes ADHD syndrome during pregnancy

Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

Radiation from cell phones can cause ADHD. This is the result of animal experiments in which researchers from the American University of Yale exposed pregnant mice to radio waves.

For the experiment, the researchers divided 53 pregnant mice into two groups. They attached a switched-on mobile phone to the cage of one group, while the mobile phone remained switched off in the control group. After the mouse pups were born, the scientists performed a series of tests on them. The result: The radiation in the womb triggered behavioral disorders in the mice pups that can be compared to ADHD in human children. The researchers report that the mice were hyperactive, showed less anxiety than other mice, and suffered from memory problems. This is the first experimental evidence of pathological changes in brain function caused by exposure to cell phone radiation in the womb. The medical cause of the disorder is the transport of the messenger substance glutamate, which was disrupted in the mice by the electromagnetic radiation. Based on the findings from the animal experiments, the researchers cannot yet draw any conclusions about the cause of ADHD in humans, but they are certain that human fetuses also react particularly strongly to external stimuli in critical phases of pregnancy.

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