The Hanseatic city of Hamburg offers a planetarium experience like no other

The planetarium in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg offers its visitors a unique journey into the vastness of the universe – the multiple award-winning projector show contributes to the spectacle.

A real contrast, especially in summer: The Hamburg Planetarium is located in an old water tower in the middle of the Hamburg City Park – while countless people are bathing in the blazing sun in front of the building, it is darkest night in the dome of the former water tower and today’s planetarium. Only the stars twinkle above the heads of the visitors, who stare spellbound into the 21 meter wide dome and feel as if they are not from this world.

Planetarium Hamburg: educational trip into space

A complicated combination of different projectors plays symphonies of colors and lights like an orchestra, taking the viewer to the phenomena of the universe. If you are not traveling into space yourself, the Planetarium Hamburg is probably the closest alternative to explore the depths of space. After a trip through the galaxies one realizes how small and fragile the earth really is. Be entertained and learn something at the same time – the Planetarium Hamburg manages this often difficult balancing act with ease.

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