Santa Croce – the liveliest part of Venice


The old town of Venice consists of six districts. One of them is Santa Croce. Here the city presents itself from its liveliest side.

If you want to experience Venice from its extroverted side, you should not miss the Santa Croce district in the western part of the Venetian old town. Venice is particularly lively in the alleys around the church of San Nicolò da Tolentini and the historic Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista.

Feasting and shopping in Santa Croce

Santa Croce is known for its down-to-earth trattorias. One of them is the Osteria Alba Nova. Even if the interior of the restaurant is rustic, the guest can expect real culinary delights here. Freshly prepared antipasti tempt you in the display: Crispy bruschetta, wafer-thin carpaccio and pickled vegetables are served as a starter. The main course is fresh pasta.

In front of the Osteria La Zucca you can watch the hustle and bustle in the streets of Santa Croce. Lean back and listen to the footsteps of people hurrying by. With a glass of wine in hand, you can contemplate the mysterious walls of old Venice and become part of this wonderful city for a moment.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, you’re sure to find something in Santa Croce. Many of the small handicraft businesses have existed for centuries. This also applies to the Bevilaqua workshop, which produces elegant napkin rings and was founded in 1800. The glass and ceramics shop Margherita Rosetto, on the other hand, is modern: Here you can buy goods with animal prints or fruit designs.

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