Etiquette: How to behave when in a luxury hotel

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

In order not to attract attention in a posh hotel, you should know the etiquette for a luxury hotel. Because only those who know the rules of conduct can avoid a faux pas.

Whether on vacation or on a business trip – anyone who stays in a luxury hotel should behave in accordance with the exclusive surroundings. In this etiquette guide for luxury hotels, you can read about the rules of conduct that need to be observed to ensure that your stay in the posh hotel goes off in style.

Etiquette for a luxury hotel: the dress code

Of course you should enjoy your stay in the luxury hotel and feel at home. But be careful: you should refrain from heading to the spa area in a bathrobe and sandals, because there is a dress code in luxury hotels. Of course, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie to the spa area, casual clothing is also fine here.

When dining in the restaurant, you should always ensure that you have appropriate clothing and proper table manners. With a few small rules of conduct you ensure that all guests in the restaurant feel comfortable.

Etiquette for the luxury hotel: eating and drinking

In luxury hotels you are usually offered a heavy breakfast. Of course you can enjoy it to the full, but despite the wide range on offer, don’t get the idea of ​​packing some for later.

As a rule, small snacks are even offered in luxury hotels if you get hungry in between. Otherwise you can help yourself to the minibar or use the room service. However, stocking up on groceries from the supermarket in the room causes resentment in luxury hotels.

Etiquette for the luxury hotel: offering tips?

While tipping is not mandatory in a luxury hotel, it is quite common. For a good service you should always have some small change ready. Otherwise, the same rules of conduct apply in a luxury hotel as everywhere else: be polite and friendly and try to behave in such a way that you do not bother others with your behavior – in the room, in the restaurant or in the hallway.

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