Bonchari Constituency: wards, MPs, sub-county

Bonchari is one of the nine electoral constituencies in Kisii County. Bonchari constituency was established and elected its first Member of Parliament in the 1988 elections under the one-party system.

Wards in Bonchari Constituency?

How many wards are in Bonchari Constituency? It has four wards namely:

  1. Riana,
  2. Bomorenda,
  3. Bomariba, and
  4. Bogiakumu.

Elected Members of Parliament in Bonchari Constituency

Every five years, Kenyans elect an MP in a general election. However, by-elections can be held in case the current MP dies or is unable to continue serving as MP.

Below are the elected MPS of Bonchari Constituency since it was formed in 1988:

Elections Member of Parliament  Party Notes
1988 Protas Kebati Momanyi KANU One-party system.
1992 Protas Kebati Momanyi KANU
1997 Zebedeo John Opore KANU
2002 Zebedeo John Opore Ford-People
2007 Charles Onyancha ODM
2013 Zebedeo John Opore Ford-people
2017 John Oroo Oyioka ODM Died in 2021
2021 Pavel Oimeke ODM By-election
2022 Charles Onchoke UPA Current MP for Bonchari

Kisii South Sub-county

Which sub-counties are in Bonchari constituency? There is only one subcounty in Bonchari, which shares a common boundary with the constituency. While constituencies elect an area MP, sub-counties are controlled by the County Public Service Board which appoints a sub-county administrator.

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