How to have a cheap wedding in Kenya

A wedding in Kenya

Most couples looking to get married want to have it in style which translates to walking down the aisle. For such a couple, saving money is top on the list being a time when most Kenyans are going through financial difficulties. Thus, they try to find ways to have a cheap wedding in Kenya.

Weddings tend to be costly and may end up leaving you financially distressed along with debt which may result to squabbles in the union. With this in mind, you’re left with the question, “how do we have a cheap wedding that will be joyous and satisfying at the same time where the guests leave pleased after witnessing and filling their appetite?”

A cheap wedding in Kenya can also entail planning a wedding with various aspect including dowry payment, food and catering services, transportation services, video coverage and photography, clothing and apparel (gown, rings, shoes and suit) and the public address system.

Once these issues are sorted, the ceremony will like grease on moving parts roll on well.  Avoid too much pomp and colour, just get what is enough to make the wedding successful; in any case the most important matter is tying the knot.

First of all, you need to attach prices to the main cost drivers. For instance, dowry payment varies from one community to another hence the need to do a background check on the same. However, being a couple on a budget, set aside KSH 200,000 and look for other ways to supplement the bride price in kind. That is a simple trick to how you can have a cheap wedding in Kenya.

The amount of food required will depend on the number of guests you are expecting in your wedding. The catering team will help you cost food and labour to an affordable price of Kshs 500 per plate for relatively say 250-300 guests which translates to Kshs 150,000.

On matters transport, consider using your friends’ cars which minimizes on costs and only hire the bridal car; the main focus is the couple and their parents’ as the rest can take care of their own transportation.

When designing and printing wedding cards, look for places that do bulk printing at fair prices and that will averagely cost Kshs 10,000. With advanced technology, have someone design a softcopy wedding invitation card which can be shared amongst your friends.

Video coverage and photography proves to be costly but its advisable to ask for referrals to affordable service providers who can deliver quality at the same time.

Clothing and apparel are important because it’s your day and you have to look the part. You can hire the gown or import it from China at relatively lower prices than the Kenyan market rates.

Shoes, suit and rings can be sourced from Eastleigh and other wholesale shops. With a budget of Kshs 60, 000 for the tents and chairs plus Public Address system, a projection of Kshs 50,000 @ 5 days booking an AirBnB apartments in Mombasa and provision for miscellaneous expenses of Kshs 20,000, you are good to have a standard wedding.

In addition, consider getting a free venue for the church and reception e.g., a school, little known hotels or government premises. With this calculation a wedding will averagely cost Kshs 600,000, a budget that will favor middle-income earners who can easily put up the sum.

In conclusion, find a way of raising the funds without necessarily burdening friends and relatives, rather consider having a saving plan say at least 25,000 per month. If friends and family support you financially or in kind, you will easily get to your budget.

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