Seafood: Tips and tricks for perfect grilling

Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels

Before you can grill seafood, you need to make the appropriate preparations. You can recognize fresh seafood by its smell, for example. This should appear almost neutral and only smell slightly salty. As seafood spoils, it develops a nasty smell of ammonia. A greenish, yellowish or gray tinge on fish and scampi also indicates rot.

If you want to grill seafood, you should chill it well beforehand, otherwise it will spoil quickly. Then remove scales, gills, fins and entrails from whole fish and rinse well with water.

Tip: A dash of lemon juice, some salt and pepper really bring out the delicate fish aroma. Shellfish can either be pre-cooked to reduce cooking time or placed directly on the grill.

Seafood Grilling Tips

The grill should not be too hot initially when grilling seafood as it burns easily. To prevent this from happening, place the grate further away from the hot embers and oil it beforehand, as the seafood will stick quickly. To keep the fish from falling apart, turn it only once.

Tip: If you grill the seafood in an aluminum tray, you are spared mishaps such as the food burning, sticking or falling apart. Herb butter, spices or other ingredients can also be wrapped in it, so that the grilled seafood is particularly aromatic.

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