Opening some sea food – This is how you should crack mussels

Photo by Thomas John on Unsplash

Bivalves (clams, oysters and scallops) are housed in hinged shells. In order to be able to open oysters, you need not only an oyster knife but also a bit of practice, because the mussels are not easy to conquer.

Here you can find out how you can still stylishly get to the delicious meat of the seafood without coming out as a freshwater sailor.

Opening oysters starts with the preparation

First wash the oysters thoroughly to remove any dirt residue. This is particularly important because the shell will later be brought to the mouth to slurp the mussel meat. Who wants to have fine sand between their teeth… In order to finally be able to open the oysters, you have to place the sea creatures on their undersides. This is usually more bulbous than the somewhat flatter lid.

Crack the oysters carefully

Place an oyster on a cutting board and use a protective glove to hold it while you open it with the oyster knife. You can also place a towel on the shell instead of the glove. This protects your hand in case you slip with the oyster knife when opening the mussel.

Place the knife on the hinge of the bowl and twist slightly to open the bowl. But be careful: be careful not to break the shell. Then carefully slide the oyster knife into the oyster and sever the so-called sphincter.

The mussel meat should not be injured, but only carefully removed from the shell and served in it. Decorated with lemon slices, you can now offer the mussels to your guests.”


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