Luxury coffee – something you have to try if you love coffee

Photo by Olga Mironova from Pexels

Luxury coffee is a darling to rich coffee lovers. If you want to experience deluxe coffee enjoyment, you can’t afford to miss the most expensive types of coffee in the world: Black Ivory and Kopi Luwak.

For lovers, enjoying a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee is a real treat. Of course, only the finest beans go into their cups, coffee pods have no place with gourmets. But if you want to have a very special coffee experience, you can use what are probably the most expensive types of coffee in the world: Kopi Luwak and Black Ivory.

Luxury coffee Black Ivory

The Black Ivory coffee is a variety obtained in Thailand. This coffee gets its special taste experience from its suppliers: elephants. For this reason, working elephants of retirement age are kept in the north of Thailand, and their digestion process gives the beans their special aroma.

The Arabica beans are fed to the old pachyderms. In the stomach of the animals, the bitter substances in the coffee beans should be reduced by the digestion process, which should result in the particularly mild taste of Black Ivory coffee. The beans are passed by the elephants after about a day, picked out of the dung, cleaned and roasted before finding their way into gourmet stomachs.

Incidentally, enjoying this type of luxury coffee should serve a good cause: The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, where the elephants live, offers disused working elephants a new habitat, and eight percent of the proceeds are also to go to a foundation.

Luxury coffee Kopi Luwak

In India and Indonesia, on the other hand, the luxury coffee Kopi Luwak is produced. This is also a kind of “animal-refined” product, only this time it doesn’t pass through the stomach of an elephant, but from that of the civet. The principle is the same as with Black Ivory, more precisely it is a kind of model for the exclusive “elephant coffee”: enzymes in the digestive tract of the civet are supposed to ensure that the bitter substances in the beans are reduced.

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