How to wrap bottles as gifts

Who doesn’t know it: At most Christmas celebrations in Kenya you have chosen a fine drop for your loved ones, but wrapped in gift paper every bottle, no matter how high-quality, looks a bit miserable. For those who don’t want to use store-bought packaging, we have tips on how to pack your bottle-shaped gift attractively. If you haven’t bought your bottle already, you can head over to Kiu Drinks and choose a drink to gift your loved ones for this Christmas holidaly and all other celebrations that may follow.

1. Wrap bottle with cloth – Furoshiki

Wrap bottles without ugly kinks around your neck! The trend of wrapping gifts in cloth comes from Japan and is called Furoshiki. The decorative cloths are now more and more available in decoration and handicraft shops – but you can also use leftovers, discarded scarves or tea towels. With the right folding technique, each cloth becomes a decorative gift wrap that also protects your bottle during transport – and in the best case can be reused.

By the way, the bottle packaging is called Bin Tsutsumi in Japanese and there are many different variants. But even without elaborate folding instructions, you can enhance your bottle gift with cloth towels. Simply wrap the fabric around the bottle as you see fit, secure with ribbon and drape and straighten creases and folds as you wish. Finished!

Wrap bottles with ribbons as gifts

Whether with decorative bows or fully wrapped – gift ribbons are ideal for wrapping bottles as gifts thanks to their flexibility. Bottles can be completely wrapped with wide wire bands, which are often also printed with seasonally appropriate motifs. Wire reinforcement around the edges means the fabric straps keep their shape, making them ideal for wrapping bottles. For example in this variant:

  1. Measure out 2 wire straps that are twice as long as the bottles and protrude by at least 10-15 cm (depending on how thick the bottle to be wrapped is).
  2. Attach double-sided adhesive tape to the bottom of the bottle and attach one of the wire bands in the middle from below. Then again attach adhesive tape to the underside of the attached wire band and glue other wire band so that the bands extend from the bottom of the bottle in a cross shape (“in all four directions”).
  3. Fold the ribbons up tightly and tie them together above the neck of the bottle with conventional ribbon.
  4. Form excess ribbon into loops – the ends point inwards – and arrange in a fan shape. Tangle or knot the ends together in the middle so that they are no longer visible.
  5. Finally wrap the bottle decoratively with a conventional gift ribbon.

But you can also spice up your bottle-shaped gift with just conventional gift ribbons. You can use several ribbons of different colors and widths to tie loops around the neck of the bottle.

If you like it simpler, you can simply tie a self-made card to the bow. Simply cut cardboard or solid paper, punch holes in the edge and write the Christmas or birthday greeting on it. Finished!

Upgrade Bottles with Flowers & Twig

Whether flowers in summer or fir branches and cinnamon sticks in winter – plants enhance every gift! Whether your natural decoration dangles from the bottleneck individually or in a bouquet depends on personal taste. It doesn’t matter which flowers, plants, branches or even spices you use – after all, you decide what looks good! Only with flowers does it make sense to use dried plants so that they don’t wither too quickly.

Pack the pineapple bottle with candy

This packaging variant is not only quick and easy, but also looks really good and is also very suitable for those with a sweet tooth. You need:

  • a sheet of paper
  • sufficient Ferrero Rocher (also works with other sweets that can be attached individually to the bottle)
  • green paper
  • Hot glue gun or masking tape
  • cord (optional)

First, wrap the sheet of paper around the bottle and secure it with tape. This will prevent the label from being damaged. Then glue the Rocher balls in place in a circle, starting at the bottom edge. To hide the neck of the bottle, cut the green paper into tapered strips and attach them to the neck of the bottle. To hide the transition between Rocher balls and leaves, you can wrap some string around it. A delicious and fun gift wrap for your bottle is ready!

Wrap the bottle properly with wrapping paper

Of course, you can also wrap the fine wine that you want to give away in conventional wrapping paper.

If you completely wrap the bottle in wrapping paper, be sure to secure the wrapping neatly to the bottom. Because nothing is worse than a gift that falls on the floor when it is handed over…

Shirt sleeves as gift packaging for bottle

Do you have shirts or sweaters that you no longer need? Then you’ll have DIY gift wrapping in no time! Simply cut the sleeves to the right length, turn inside out and tie or sew at the bottom, turn right side out again and put the bottle in! If you invest a little more time, you can also make small ties from the leftover fabric and hang them around the neck of the bottle. This type of gift packaging is well suited, for example, for liquid gifts for colleagues or employees.

Upcycling – reusing old boxes as gift packaging

Last but not least, a super easy way to pack bottles: Just take old boxes, fill them with straw, paper or similar, pack the bottles in and pack them nicely. Not only do you give old shipping boxes or packaging a second life, you also save yourself the hassle of wrapping the bottles. In the box you have a great rectangular gift that is much easier to wrap – and doesn’t reveal its contents at first glance!