Ginger is as medicinal as it is a spice – gourmets should embrace it


Ginger enjoys an excellent reputation for flavoring delicious dishes in a sophisticated way – and not only in Asian cuisine. At the same time, ginger contains active ingredients that have a positive effect on health.

Ginger as a spice for gourmets

Do you think that only Asian dishes can be prepared with ginger? How about using the root to flavor meat or pasta? For example, add freshly grated ginger to poultry, lamb, beef or pork immediately after frying and refine the taste. The tuber also goes well with fish. The root gives soups a pleasant spiciness – simply season with grated ginger after cooking. You can also give pasta dishes a very special touch in this way. Just try out how intensively you want the fruity-spicy taste to flow into your kitchen.

Ginger is beneficial to your health

At the same time you are doing something good for your health. It is said to prevent arterial occlusion and have a calming effect on the stomach and intestines. Metabolism and blood circulation also benefit from the root. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) would be inconceivable without the root. Because the substances contained have an analgesic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, a cold tea can be made from the ginger without much effort: Simply brew a slice of fresh ginger and let the tea steep for about five minutes.

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