Christmas drink gift ideas in Kenya: alcoholic & non-alcoholic

Close-up of bottle of whiskey and two glasses on wooden table

Every year again gift madness! The pre-Christmas period not only means mulled wine, gingerbread, cookies and roasted nuts, but also endless errands. All relatives need the right gift, and best of all for friends and colleagues too. And because of course you don’t want to give the same gift every year for Christmas, by December at the latest you’re racking your brains about who to buy what for.

Christmas presents are super easy to find, especially for adults ! Because everyone likes to eat and drink . While sweets and groceries can be found under every Christmas tree, very few people think that the palate is also happy about a fine drop or a good coffee at Christmas. So that you are not spoiled for choice, we will show you the best drink Christmas gifts with and without alcohol here!

Christmas gifts with alcohol

If you need an acloholic drink to gift to your friends and relative, we got you. Giving away handmade gin , fine spirits or good whiskey for Christmas is always a good idea, because: in our hearts we are all epicures. But not all gin is the same and not everyone likes smoky or peaty whiskies. That’s why we’ve collected a few recommendations for you.

Christmas gifts for whiskey lovers in Kenya

If you’re looking to give whiskey as a Christmas present, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are already giving presents to experienced whiskey drinkers, you are guaranteed not to go wrong with their favorite brand. Anyone who is already a little familiar with the whiskey terrain will also be happy about complex whiskeys with smoky and peaty aromas at Christmas.

Beginners, cocktail fans or people who like to try something new here and there, you are more likely to please with sweet whiskeys with a nice fruit or caramel note at Christmas. This is because the palate first has to feel its way around smoke and peat aromas, very similar to bitter notes, and get a taste for it, so to speak. You can usually find out which whiskey tastes how from the tasting notes of the respective whiskey.

Ideally, you shouldn’t give away whiskey from the supermarket shelf at Christmas, but a real insider tip. In our whiskey gift guide we already have great whiskey gifts that are suitable for both lovers and newcomers and are guaranteed to look good under any Christmas tree.

Christmas gifts for gin fans in Kenya

If you want to give gin as a gift at Christmas , you should also think about what the recipients like: Do they like to mix different and sometimes complex cocktails and can it be pure gin with unusual botanicals? Or are they actually classic gin and tonic drinkers?

Depending on this, you should pay attention to the composition of the gin botanicals and the tasting notes. Formative juniper notes with citrus aromas can be found in many classic London Dry Gins and look good in any cocktail. But there are also unusual gins that draw attention to themselves with wilder taste experiences, such as a truffle gin, hop gin or a gin with cocoa. These taste particularly good for experienced gin fans.

If you’re still unsure who to give which gin to for Christmas, there’s good news: We have more gin gift recommendations for you! In our gin gift guideyou will not only find excellent gins that you can put under the Christmas tree, but also tips on which gin is particularly suitable for whom.

Giving rum for Christmas as gifts in Kenya

Just like whiskey or gin , rum is one of the lover’s drinks that make great gifts under the Christmas tree . As with the other spirits, the same applies here: Complex aroma structures are more for advanced users, classic and mild aromas for beginners and cocktail fans.

Especially if you are not very familiar with rum, all the additional designations can be quite confusing. So here’s a little help:

  • Name suffixes such as VS , VSOP or XO allude to the storage times of the rum (VS at least 3 years, VSOP at least 4 years, XO at least 6 years)
  • Añejo or Gran Añejo are also camp or age designations
  • Rum Solera is made using a special process in which the amount of evaporation during aging is balanced with younger rums
  • rum or rhum agricole is not made from molasses, but from fresh sugar cane juice
  • Of course, the countries of origin of the rum also play a major role in the taste

However, don’t let all the jargon discourage you. If you are unsure, just take a look at the flavor descriptions again to find the right rum Christmas gift!

Schnaps & Liqueur as Christmas gifts

You don’t know if your loved ones like special spirits? Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with a good schnapps or liqueur at Christmas either. On the contrary: many distilleries and distilleries have special Christmas bottlings on offer that make great gifts. Like this one for example!

But many are also happy about classics such as a good fruit brandy, herbal schnapps or nut liqueurs. That’s why schnapps or liqueur tasting and gift sets are particularly suitable as Christmas gifts: everyone will find the right drop for themselves here!

Gifts for Christmas without alcohol

Of course, not everyone likes to drink alcohol. But you can also make these people happy with drinks Christmas presents. For example, you can make tea drinkers happy with a special tea blend. But other non-alcoholic drinks also make great Christmas gifts under the tree, such as coffee!

Gift ideas for coffee junkies in Kenya

Even though coffee is a fairly commonplace commodity these days, dark beans still have a touch of something special about them. So what is a better Christmas present than a special coffee roast that the recipient can look forward to every morning at the breakfast table? In our gift guide for coffee lovers, we have collected great gift recommendations that will also spread a great atmosphere at Christmas. But these coffees here are also ideal as Christmas gifts:

Gift tip for Christmas: non-alcoholic spirits

Finally, we have an absolute insider tip that you can use to make your loved ones who don’t tolerate alcohol but still like to drink a lot of fun at Christmas: non-alcoholic spirits alternatives ! They are in the right moment. Instead of having to resort to juice or soda when everyone else is being served cocktails or schnapps, alcohol-free gin, rum or whiskey alternatives can finally provide variety in the alcohol-free glass! And yes, the selection here is more than impressive.

You see: no matter which palate you want to please at Christmas, with a drink gift you will always find the right one. Whether with or without alcohol! If the decision is too difficult for you or you just don’t know what your loved ones like to drink, you can always visit Kiu Drinks for more options.

Merry Christmas!