Best gin in Kenya & world

Good gin to best gin from around the world and in Kenya

Since tastes are just as individual as the huge number of gins on the market, the seal ” Best Gin in the World ” is difficult to award. If you only have a short amount of time to study our very detailed test, we recommend the following:

Winner 1| Fresh & fruity: The best gin for an extremely fresh taste is the Berliner Brandstifter Gin. An almost healthy scent makes it almost a tasty herbal cure. Absolutely extravagant and almost springtime among gins. Suitable for fruity drinks.

Winner 2 | Sweet: If you prefer your gin with sweet and fresh notes, you will love the Elephant Gin found his friend & helper. The bottle design and the very adventurous and likeable branding round off this very good gin.

Winner 3 | All-purpose weapon: Best Gin (Classic) from Good Old Britain is Hendrick’s Gin. Classic with a floral component, not too strong, not too mild. Pleasant for almost every gin lover and cocktail mixer and recommended for drinks of all kinds. Due to the lack of strong edges, at least one good gin for everyone.

Which is the best gin in Kenya?

Best gin is always so easy to say. “Hey, can you tell me which gin I should buy?” However, it is not that easy. It depends a lot on your own preferences and what amount you want to invest in a good gin.

In order to anticipate the last point and not to make the tasting unnecessarily complicated, we have opted for medium to high-priced gins. If you really want to throw yourself away cheaply, you can grab the cheapest booze you can find in the supermarket and you’re done. After our big vodka comparison, there is now the big gin tasting in search of the best gin.

Because good gin can be crystallized out very clearly. Who is below 20 euros per bottle and who is just above. This may be the limit from which higher-quality ingredients are used or better distillers are employed. However, this is just a guess on our part.

Then what is good gin in Kenya?

The majority of the gins we tested in Kenya were definitely good gin. This is probably also due to the fact that we only selected those that we thought could meet our requirements. Of course, there are still a few gins that some people know and maybe the favorite gin of one or the other reader are missing. Best gin in the world was only one of the gins and only for one of the testers. A not exactly unknown actress has chosen one as her dream schnapps, but more on that later.

To make the overview a little easier, we have divided the best gin varieties into the young wild ones, classics and supposedly simple ones. It will quickly become clear that we have focused on younger gins. But that’s because of our particularly investigative nature. It’s also just hipper.

Classic gins from Good Old Britain

Surely it can be argued what a classic gin is. But we think we made a pretty good choice. Our choice fell on the Bombay Sapphire , the Tanqueray Gin , the NB Gin and the Hendrick’s Gin . At least one of the four is known to practically everyone. Be it the Tanqueray, known from duty free and airplanes, or the Bombay, which can be found in every reasonably decent bar. Hendrick’s Gin is best known for its bottle shape and is also offered in many bars, the NB is currently on the rise in some bars and clubs.

Tanqueray Gin Review

First to the darling of business flyers with a small black trolley on which the laptop bag wobbles back and forth with every groove in the floor in front of the gate. The design of the Tanqueray Gin encounters love and hate. One of our testers claimed the unusual bottle made it stand out and make the bottle distinctive. Since the guys from uniquedrinks know everything better, we had to correct the tester and explain to him that we didn’t like the bottle. Tastes are different and some are just misguided πŸ˜‰

However, the smell captivates with a very strong lemon grass note and a hint of cologne. Unfortunately, the taste is not that convincing. As before, the lemon grass is more than obvious, and the juniper also comes out quite well. However , the 47% alcohol spoils the enjoyment a bit, as it burns too much and loses so much aroma that it can’t really be the best gin of the classics.

Bombay Sapphire Test

Now for the Bombay Sapphire. First of all: We had estimated it far better. A direct comparison will open your eyes. It is best known for its blue bottle and for its widespread use in thousands of bars around the world. He has always been a loyal companion to us, but from now on we may go our separate ways. From now on it is a classic gin for celebrating and less for enjoying. In comparison, it looks downright β€œ colorless ” and not like the best gin. Mainly it tastes like alcohol , hardly smells and burns very little after. So overall great for boozing and less great for real connoisseurs.

Hendrick’s Gin Test

The Hendrick’s Gin on the other hand, looks rock solid. Here you are dealing with a very dignified spirit that doesn’t necessarily taste freaky, but it does taste good. With him, the floral notes come into play, a distant lush flower bed is quite good. The juniper stays in the background and lets the gin botanicals of Hendrick’s Gin take the lead. Our favorite and therefore first and foremost the best gin among the classics.

NB gin test

The NB Gin is still quite unknown in Kenya. Unfortunately, it is also very reserved in taste and hardly burns. Which is actually an advantage. However, it is adjusted in such a way that it simply does not knock our socks off. As one tester summed it up: β€œThin. It’s thin.” It’s a good gin, but it’s not good enough in terms of taste to become the best gin in the Classics.

Elephant gin review

The label Norden is given the Elephant Gin that is produced in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. It doesn’t really look super young and hip, but it makes it all the more valuable. The label alone, which is reminiscent of a postage stamp, gives the impression of coming straight from some kind of grocery store. Overall, the bottle looks by far the highest quality compared to its competitors. With its visual language, the Elephant Gin emphasizes the original origin of the gin botanicals. The elephant is not just a brand here, but a symbol of this gin. Part of the profit also goes to foundations that work for the welfare of elephants in Africa. thumbs up for that. All botanicals come from Africaand are therefore unique on the gin market. It burns very softly and hardly has the cucumber smell that is often found in gins. It smells and tastes pretty sweet and so bombastic fresh that you would like to wash your hair with it. Definitely one of our favorites and a really good gin!

Conclusion | Good gin to best gin…

The bottom line is that gin is mainly a matter of taste. But first you have to know which direction is best for you in order to be able to make a decision. That’s why we recommend a little tasting in a good bar. Try a few of the gins we tested there and also one that also fits you well. Everyone quickly knows what comes closest to their own taste. With our tasting, next time you can even make a blind decision in front of the shelf if necessary.

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