Best gifts for gin fans in Kenya

Gin is an excellent gift for anyone who likes a fine drink. Because gin is THE trend spirit of recent years in Kenya. There is now such a huge range of gin in Kenya that it is difficult to keep track of things. Luckily! Because that also means that there is something for every taste. While our gin range is constantly growing, we have selected a few special gins that make ideal gifts:

1. Goldwood Gin with Edible Gold – For jewel lovers

  • Good for: The adventurous
  • Great for: Birthdays, special occasions

Expensive watches, fast cars, big houses. Are you looking for a gift for someone who already has everything – or at least dreams of it? Then the Goldwood Gin is just the right gift for you. With 23 carat, edible gold, the dry gin sparkles and convinces with its strong juniper note.

Taste: clear juniper, fresh citrus aromas, orange blossom, cinnamon aftertaste

2. Tumeric no. 1 Gin – Give away the best gin in the world

  • Suitable for: Beginners, connoisseurs Great
  • for: Birthdays, special occasions, Christmas

Tumeric No 1 – give away the best gin in the world

Yes, you read that right! The Tumeric No. 1 Gin from Hamburg Zanzibar was voted the best gin in the world at the World Gin Awards. And what better way to please gin fans than with this New Western, which literally rips your socks off with its lead botanicals turmeric and pepper?!

Taste: very spicy with pepper and turmeric, notes of cardamom, allspice and rosemary

3. Private Gin Do It Yourself Gin Kit – For tinkerers

Suitable for: Adventure seekers, beginners
Great for: Birthdays, Christmas

With the Private Gin kit you give a gift that makes you happy on several levels:

1. When unpacking

2. When mixing the botanicals together

3. 2 days of anticipation for the finished, homemade gin and

4. When drinking.

Ideal for all gin fans who have always wanted to try making it themselves. And of course all other gin fans too.

Taste: Each gin is unique, thanks to the individual addition of botanicals!

4. LAORI Juniper No. 1 – the non-alcoholic gin gift

Suitable for: Beginners, connoisseurs, adventurous
Great for: Christmas, birthdays, special occasions

A gin gift that alcohol haters and pregnant women will also be happy about! The LAORI convinces with the wonderful gin taste, without the compulsory gin per thousand. Thanks to techniques from the perfume industry, it can produce an alcohol-free gin alternative with real botanicals – without the addition of artificial flavors or colorings. Brilliant!

Taste: refreshing, natural, complex

5. Gin tasting sets as gifts for the undecided

Suitable for: adventure seekers, beginners, connoisseurs Great
for: all occasions

We all know them: the people who can never make up their minds. Whether it’s shopping, going to a restaurant or a cocktail evening – at some point you catch them with the desperate look of being spoiled for choice. Whether you are one yourself or you are looking for a gift for the undecided: gin tasting sets are your friend! Various flavors that can be happily tried out and that always look good in their packaging. The only question left is: where to start?

Sampler set #1: Bad Hangover Gins – For the colourful

Böser Kater Gin Tasting Set – the perfect gin gift

In terms of taste, the Böser Kater tasting set from the Schleihauf distillery in Kraichgau can best be described as fruity and diverse. But you probably already figured that out. Rhubarb meets vanilla, dragon fruit meets blueberry. The deep black Blackberry Gin convinces with bombastic blackberries – and the Two Faced with a secret Asian flower, which ensures the color change when tonic is added.

The set includes: Blackberry Gin, Two Faced Gin with color change, Rhubarb Vanilla Gin, Dragonfruit Blueberry Gin & Premium Gin – i.e. 5 bottles of 100 ml each

Here you can get the gin set from the Kraichgau: give it away now

Sample set #2: Ginmacher – Not just for the fashionable

Ginmacher Gin Tasting Box – Gin gift from Munich

In terms of taste, the Ginmacher gins from Munich tend to be on the tart side. While juniper dominates at the Ginmacher, the Ginmacherin trumps with grapefruit and the Munich Dry Gin with hops. It gets sweeter with BeGINn, which convinces with a great berry aroma.

The set includes: Ginmacher Gin, Ginmacherin Gin, Munich Dry Gin, BeGINn with berries, each 40 ml & 1x Thomas Henry Tonic Water 200 ml

Sampler Set #3: Upstairs Gins – For those who aim high

Giving away an Upstairs Gin Tasting Box

Citric, fruity, herbal. The Upstairs Gins impress with their round aroma profiles – and their appealing design.

The set includes: 315 Upstairs Gin, 144 Square Gin & 535 Upstairs Chassalla Gin – 5 cl each

Sampler set #4: Rose Valley Gins – Will also convince gin snobs

Rose Valley Gin Taste Box – great gin gift

These gins impress with their special aromas. Yirgacheffe has a floral taste, but is also spicy thanks to the coffee beans and peppercorns it contains. The Tassi Special combines Tasmanian mountain pepper and fine cocoa into a floral-fruity taste experience. The Rose Valley Special also has pepper and cocoa in its botanicals, but combines them with tonka beans, rose and pomegranate blossoms to create a refreshingly sweet gin. Recommended!

The set includes: Rose Valley Special, Gin Tassi Special, Gin Yirgacheffe with pepper and coffee, 0.2 l each

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