A Sh4.8 million whisky bottle enters the Kenyan market

20,40, and 50-year-old whiskies. (c) BD Africa

For some scotch whisky drinkers, quality matters more than the quantity. Some of these drinkers are willing to pay any price to experience the flavour and the heiritage that comes with a drink.

Last week, Glenfiddich targeted these consumers by unveiling a new collection of 50,40, and 30-year-old whiskies. The products range between

This drinker will pay any price to experience the expression of flavours, the pride of savouring the finest product in the market, and the heritage that comes with it. With prices ranging between £900 (Sh123,000) and £35,000 (Sh4.8 million), the drinks in this collection, aptly called ‘‘Time Re: Imagined’’, are only available in select bottles globally.

Are these available in this market? And can Kenyans buy them?

The brand is available in Kenya but in limited quantities. Mulunda Kombo, the Glenfiddich national brand ambassador in Kenya said that: “there are just 220 decanters of the 50-year-old expression globally. In the 40-year-old category, there are only 1,600 bottles.’’ The 30-year-old whiskey on the other hand is more widely available and the company is working towards making it available locally.

Why will someone buy these expensive liquor?

Distilled by Hamish Robertson (1960-1974), David Stewart (1974-2008), and Brian Kinsman (2008 to date), whisky connoisseurs will buy them because they are the pinnacle of Glenfiddich’s unique Speyside whisky making style. Moreover, collectors and investors may seek to increase their collection and make good profit after a while.

The Kenyan market has appealed to premium whisky brands, even setting up distribution channels in Kenya. The most popular brands in Kenya are Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, The Macallan and Glenlivet.

Glenfiddich is currently the best-performing single malt scotch whisky in Kenya. Men and women between ages 25 and 55 consume the brand. Glenfiddich is drunk the most in bars and homes.

How is Glenfiddich attracting younger drinkers?

According to Business Daily, Glenfiddich is targeting young drinkers through the ‘Artist in Residence’ programme. Artists are invited to the distillery to experience the different sights, sounds and smells of Glenfiddich. In Kenya, the brand has collaborated with Kenyan artist WiseTwo.

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