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Salary of Lecturers in Private vs Public Universities in Kenya

17 September, 2021 |

Do you want to know who pays well between public and private universities in Kenya? The salary question is a big concern for the working class and those actively seeking jobs. The number of universities in Kenya has improved significantly over the years, partly because of the growing economy and the high demand for educational services.

So what is the salary of a lecturer in Kenya?

The amount of money workers and lecturers earn in universities depends on the type of university (private or public), the source of funds, and the number of students admitted.

The highest paying private universities are USIU, Kabarak University, Daystar University, and Strathmore University. If you have at least a Masters degree, as an assistance lecturer you will earn from Ksh 90,000 to Ksh 150,000 in a public universities. In private institutions, the salary may be higher or very low.

In public universities, professors earn between Ksh 250,000-Ksh 350,000. PhD holders in public universities earn between Ksh 180,000-Ksh 220,000.

While this is not the rule and norm, you may earn very well in either of the two. However, for a guaranteed job security, one should work in the public universities. One can also lecture in both private and public universities since they can determine their schedules.

There are also other opportunities for lecturers, such as being contracted by NGOs to conduct research with a hefty pay. A lucky professor may land a research deal and earn more than Ksh 2,ooo,ooo on a single project.

There you have it. You know which pays better, public or university. You can share your experiences on the comment section.

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