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16 Stylish Fashion Items Kenyan Ladies Need To Boost Their Oomph!

1 October, 2021 |

For women, looking stylish and sexy in every place is the ultimate dream. While to some ladies it is a norm, it is a sad affair to others. But we all need inspirations before we can change that sombre look. Ladies want to feel special in their beds, in the bathroom, in the living room, at the workplace, in the streets, in matatus, in the club, in the swimming pool, and there too. I took some time to compile this list of what every Kenyan woman needs for every occasion.
There is no doubt, owning or co-owning some of these fashion products in Kenya will make the difference between you and a stylish glamorous woman!
Men love seeing good things and ladies like to be seen as such.
Below is a list of 16 categories of fashion items that Kenyan women need to boost their confidence and oomph.


There are different types of dresses. You do not need every type. Identify and accept your body type and choose what will complement you rather than going with what you are seeing. But every lady needs a black dress!
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Suits and Blazers

You will need a blazer for the office or interviews. Blazers made to fit will complement your professional look while also boosting the likelihood to be approached by an admirer. Be careful though not to scare them away, unless you just want the “serious” ones only!
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Jackets and Coats

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Jumpsuits, Rompers, Overalls

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I love skirts! I bet many others love them too.
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For that special night with that special someone. Or just for yourself.
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These are very common amongst Kenyan women. Some women do not even have dresses. There are different types of jeans and what works for you may not work for someone else.
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When going for the groceries in the evening. When going for an outdoor activity. When watching Netflix at home on a warm day. You will need something.
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You know the power of jewelry? Try wearing them and notice how you feel about yourself. That is exactly how we will also feel about you.
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Again, you want to wear these types of shoes only when you can walk comfortably ON them. There is a special way the heels complement the movement of your back!


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Every lady needs flats but not everyone needs heels.
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Women need handbags, and Kenyan women are not an exception. If you do not have a handbag you might be wondering why women have to carry their handbags everywhere. Well, a handbag is a fashion statement. So, you have to be very careful as it may make or break. As a Kenyan lady, you should have stylish handbags so that you can carry along with you some personal belongings. Your bag can be the home to wallets, cosmetics, hair accessories, money, and other valuables. You define what a valuable is as it will be different for each individual.
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Maternity Clothes

When it has been some months since you started carrying some life, you will need to adjust your clothing. Yo also do not need to make the adjustments too late into your pregnancy. Thus, shopping for pregnancy clothes in Kenya will definitely be a must do!
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Vitenge/African Dress

You are an African before you are something else.
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Hair Accessories

The hair clip will be handy when you want to control your long hair.


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The scrunchies will make a great hair accessory when you want to keep your ponytail up
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