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How to style the midi skirt correctly to hide your weak areas

19 January, 2022 |

Midi skirts suit every woman. You just have to know which midi is best suited to your own figure and how to style it correctly in order to easily conceal small problem areas. We’ll show you how it works.

The midi skirt trend is more apparent during the hot season because the garment offers a lot of freedom in the heat and therefore does not stick uncomfortably to the body. And that’s exactly what every lady needs when it’s hot: a light and airy outfit that also looks stylish and modern.

Pay attention to proportions when combining midi skirts

Anyone who thinks that midi skirts are not suitable for their own figure is wrong – midi skirts simply suit every woman! You just have to know which approach to wearing it you should use to hide all your body weaknesses. Basically, it’s very simple: Pay attention to your proportions when combining. it with different other clothes and accessories.

If you have strong calves, you should definitely choose a flared model to make your legs look slimmer. A high waistband also ensures that your body appears longer and therefore narrower. This is of course also an advantage for petite women. Those with short legs should make sure that the skirts are not too long. It is ideal if the midi skirt you  pick reaches just above your knees to visually stretch your petite figure.

Can I wear midi skirts with my curves?

– A resounding yes! Influencers lead the way: midi skirts look particularly sexy on women with curves. If you have a curvy build, you should definitely focus on A-line midi skirts because they flatter your figure. The length you should choose depends on your height. Tall women should opt for a skirt that hits mid-calf, while shorter skirts that hit just above the knee are suitable for short, curvaceous women. Pleated skirts are particularly suitable for curves, as they have a stretching effect – but colorful patterns also look great during the sunny periods.

What top and shoes do I wear with the midi skirt?

Midi skirts look especially great with a silky blouse or loose shirt. Whether you decide on the first or second variant is up to you, but you should always tuck the top into the waistband. This way you automatically appear slimmer and can define your beautiful silhouette. When it comes to shoes, pointed pumps or mules are recommended , as they make your legs look slimmer in contrast to rounded shoe models. But sneakers look great too. The only no-go: ballerinas quickly look girly with a midi skirt.

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