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How to recognize an original cloth brand and avoid counterfeits

10 February, 2022 |

Elegant, classic, chic – like hardly any other accessory, almost all of the luxurious cloth lines stand for timeless elegance. Some of them have been in production for several years and they never get out of fashion. While some are handmade, others’ production is carefully planned — to an extent that they weigh the same for each cut and size. For instance, a Herm├Ęs cloth always weighs exactly 65 grams.

Unfortunately, with everything good comes several counterfeiters trying to prey on ignorant fashionistas. But an original cloth brands can be recognized by some security features. For instance, Louis Vuitton bags are in great demand – among fashionistas as well as counterfeiters. When buying a bag you should keep your eyes open, because you can recognize an original by certain features.

How to recognize an original cloth brand

They always have the same characteristics over years, so they are relatively well protected against counterfeiting.

In addition to these security features, the price is also a decisive criterion for ruling out a counterfeit: Usually not available at a bargain price.

For a Louis Vuitton bag, look out for the famous “LV” monogram. You will never see this cut in an original bag. Also pay attention to unclean work steps with the whole bag. For example, how are the seams processed? What does the pattern typical of Louis Vuitton look like? Is it high quality leather?

But of course these tips can only give indications as to whether you are buying an original. If you want to be absolutely sure, you have to buy from the manufacturers directly or from a store operated by the manufacturer.

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