A CRB certificate is the paperwork issued by Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) institution as evidence that a person or firm is not listed as a defaulter by any financial institution therefore blacklisted from seeking additional loans.

A CRB institution is licensed by the CBK to gather, keep and combine credit information on individuals and companies from different sources and provide information on request in form of a credit report to a lender. It helps show the status of the applicant’s credit listing. There are three firms listed by CBK as Credit Reference Bureaus: Metropol Corporation, TransUnion Africa and Creditinfo Kenya; this gives an applicant latitude on where to go to get this certificate.

Normally you are asked to provide a CRB certificate when you are either applying for a national government or county government job or seeking for a loan from a financial institution or when you’re running for public office. Lack of this certificate normally could lead to decline or non-consideration of your application.

To get a CRB clearance certificate one needs to apply via a licenced CRB firm with an application fee of Kshs 2,200, However, sharing data with CRBs is free. First time applicants are allowed by law to get it for free and pay for subsequent requests. We are delving into the three CRB institutions so you can choose the best option for you.

Metropol corporation

With a Safaricom line, you will dial *433# and enter your national ID number. If it’s a case of referral by a metropol agent input the agent number, or 0 if not. To complete the registration process, confirm if the details are correct.

You will then be charged Ksh 100 as registration fees through the pay bill no 220388 where you’re required to use your National ID number as the account number. Its then you will receive a message with a Crytobol PIN which you will enter in the Metropol website. On the Site, choose the option of ‘clearance certificate’ and pay through the same Pay bill Ksh 2200. A drop-down menu on how to download your clearance certificate emerges and you follow it to download the certificate.

TransUnion Africa

There are two ways to access this service; you can either download the TransUnion the Nipashe App on your android phone or Text your full names to 21272 or 21CRB which this will cost you Ksh 19.There is a one-off fee of Kshs 50 to pay bill no 212121 while using  your ID number as the account number. Proceed to pay Ksh 2200 by either Mpesa/Airtel transaction then email your transaction details to cert@transunion.co.ke and you will be mailed back your certificate.

Creditinfo Kenya

In their website there are forms that are provided for you to fill; there is an option for annual subscription for people who are in constant need of CRB clearance. Visit www.creditinfo.co.ke Click clearance report button if you have no outstanding loan or credit report if you are servicing an outstanding loan.

A pop appears on what you want whether personal or company and you fill in your details then submit. To proceed, pay to the pay bill provided and you will receive your CRB clearance or status report to your email.

To apply on any of this, with an outstanding loan you will need to clear it in order to get this clearance certificate, you can still get a credit status even with an outstanding loan or if you have no outstanding loan you get a clearance certificate.

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