If you have a valuable oil painting hanging on your wall, you naturally want it not to get dirty. But if you want to clean your oil painting, you have to be careful – otherwise the good piece is quickly ruined.

Clean the valuable oil painting with washing-up liquid and a sponge? Better not! If you don’t want to destroy the picture, you should use less radical means when cleaning.

Carefully clean oil paintings

Oil paintings are beautiful, but also very delicate. This also applies to the, often even antique, picture frames. In order for you to be able to clean your oil painting without causing damage, you should avoid using water or cleaning agents and simply dust off the work of art carefully. But even here, caution is called for, as cracks can form in the paint in oil paintings.

There is a risk of getting caught there with a duster and causing the paint to flake off when dusting with the cloth. Therefore, it is better to use a soft feather duster.

Have oil paintings cleaned by a professional

You should leave a major cleaning of your oil painting to a professional, especially if it is a very valuable example. This includes removing dirt and applying a new layer of varnish. This form of cleaning is expensive, but in return you can enjoy your picture for a long time.

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