Noble, fluffy, warming – mohair is one of the highest quality fibers that occur naturally. Here you can find out what you should consider when caring for mohair wool so that the good piece stays beautiful and cuddly for a long time.

From cozy blankets to hats to sweaters – mohair products are popular. No wonder: the wool obtained from the most valuable breed of goat, the Angora goat, is not only beautifully fluffy, it is also one of the highest quality fibers that nature offers. But the noble wool is not only soft and warming, but unfortunately also very sensitive – and careful care is essential.

Pay attention to this when caring for mohair wool

To ensure that the exquisite wool stays fluffy for a long time, you should be careful when washing it, which means you should wash the wool by hand. To do this, place the part you want to wash in a bowl with lukewarm water and fine wool detergent. Let the piece of wool soak in this lye for at least ten minutes and move it carefully through the water in between. You should then gently rinse the wool with lukewarm water.

It is advisable not to lay the hat, blanket, sweater or anything else made of mohair wool directly on the drying rack to dry. Instead, spread a towel out on the stand and place your mohair item back on top. There you should let the good part drip dry without wringing it out first, as you could damage the fibers.

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