Big breasts and a turtleneck don’t go together! With these styling tips, you can now wear a turtleneck whenever you feel like it.

The current fashion suits self-confident women. It makes us strong and focuses on personality. Taboos should actually be taboo, right? Such taboos as “small women are not allowed to wear maxi dresses” or “light-colored trousers only for narrow hips”.

There is also an alleged taboo when it comes to turtleneck sweaters. Women with large breasts should do without it, because the turtleneck is even more bulky. That’s not true! You only have to pay attention to a few things to look great in a turtleneck.

With these 4 styling tips, turtleneck sweaters also go well with a lush bust size. This outdated styling rule is right in one respect: Turtleneck sweaters draw attention to the breasts and therefore emphasize their size even more. But that can be avoided with a few styling tips:


Black makes you look slimmer and the bust size also looks less big under a black turtleneck. A black turtleneck sweater can even be tight-fitting. But it should fit well and not crease over the chest. Then the bust size looks a cup size smaller.


If you want to wear the turtleneck sweater as the only top, you should neither use bright colors nor small patterns. Large prints, on the other hand, are distracting and show off your curves perfectly.


If you would like to wear a light colored turtleneck sweater or one with a small pattern, that is also possible. You should then wear a dress or jacket over it. For example, a light turtleneck sweater looks great under a dress with a stretching V-neckline. A long cardigan or coat always has a stretching effect on large breasts.


The oversized look is very up to date. If you choose a wide-cut turtleneck sweater, it flatters your large breasts and doesn’t emphasize them too much anyway. You should then focus on the waist. If the fabric of the jumper flaps under the breasts, that’s wearing it out. You can prevent this by wearing high-waisted pants or a belt. You also create a beautiful silhouette and distract from the bust size.

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