Who qualifies for the Hustler Fund?

According to speeches by President Ruto, after taking office, he promised that the hustler fund is available to all small-scale traders such as mama mbogas, boda boda operators, hawkers, jua kali artisans, barbers, etc.


The qualifications for Hustler Fund:

  • All Kenyans are eligible to apply for Hustler Fund.
  • To qualify for Hustler Fund, one must have an intention to own a small enterprise or is already running one.

– will be the major beneficiaries of the fund. It has no age or gender limitation – only that beneficiaries will need to be running or planning to open a small or medium enterprise.

During the campaign season, the only condition made public was the fact that beneficiaries would be required to join cooperatives, Saccos, and chamas to access loans.

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