Ways of becoming self-employed in Kenya

Becoming self-employed means starting a business or registering a trade – as shown in the steps above. In addition to these classic approaches, there are various ways that lead to self-employment. We have listed these alternatives:
  • Make yourself self-employed out of unemployment

    For those who have been unemployed for some time, self-employment can be an attractive alternative to the lack of employment anyway. Here you can even become self-employed with state subsidies.

  • Part-time self-employment

    A lack of capital or a lack of knowledge can be a reason to become self-employed on a part-time basis: This way you can still acquire specialist knowledge in the area in which you are considering starting a business. In addition, an existing employment relationship guarantees you financial security, while your own business is only slowly generating income.

  • Take over existing company

    You take a comparatively small risk as the successor to an existing company. If your predecessor retires, you can usually fall back on an existing customer base. Of course, it is important to get thorough information about the company, its actual economic situation and the market.

  • Become self-employed with a franchise

    When it comes to franchising , you don’t need an idea of ​​your own, just the industry you want to work in. The big advantage is that you can use an existing system that has proven itself. The licensor provides advice to the licensee and you benefit from the licensor’s marketing. You often need less start-up capital than in other forms of self-employment.

7 truths nobody will tell you

The truth is not always pleasant, but if you want to start your own business, you should know: Founding not only has advantages. Many companies are not pure success stories, but rocky paths full of setbacks. Failure is not uncommon. Therefore: Please always know the downsides of entrepreneurship, which nobody else tells you:

  1. The first business model is not what is successful
    At the beginning there is the basic idea – which can only rarely be implemented profitably. Many adjustments and changes follow. Flexibility is a success factor. Anyone who desperately sticks to the first plan overlooks opportunities that go off the beaten track.
  2. You’ll have doubts and want to give up
    Careers aren’t linear; Entrepreneurship certainly not. Sometimes it goes really well, sometimes not at all. At the latest then the doubts come, the courage dwindles. That’s part of it. You need to stay motivated and disciplined.
  3. Family and friends won’t share your excitement.
    They’re passionate about your idea, most others won’t. They don’t understand the idea or the product and don’t share your vision. Don’t blame anyone for that. Ultimately, it is your own belief and unwavering passion that decides.
  4. There is no instant success
    We often only see the result and the success – not the work, the long and arduous path behind it. It usually takes many years to achieve great success. If you want to get rich quick, you should play the lottery.
  5. Acquisition is the hardest piece of work
    . Customers don’t come by themselves. The greatest business idea, the smartest website is useless if acquisition and sales are missing. Quality does not assert itself on its own, but needs a strong boost.
  6. As your own boss, do you still do the dirty
    work and let others work for you? Nice idea, unfortunately naive. Outsourcing tasks to specialists can make sense – but the budget is lacking, especially at the beginning. They should not be too bad for anything and must be able to take on all tasks themselves.
  7. After three years you never want anything else again – or give up on
    companies saying: It takes three years at the earliest to know whether you can really make a living from it. Until then, it takes time to build up networks and a brand, to establish sales markets and a customer base. Those who are then firmly in the saddle usually never want to go back to being an employee – the others give up.