How to start eggs, sausages & smokies vending in Kenya

The eggs, sausages and smokies business thrives because most people prefer snacks that keep them full for a while. So, if you’re idle, consider this as an opportunity to make profits.

Vending of Smokies, Sausages and eggs is an on-the-go snack-selling business that requires a minimal capital requirement for

  • ll, usually evening hours are the best as people are mostly on the streets.

a start. With just a vending trolley, boiled eggs, fried sausages and smokies you are in a position to start the business.

Steps to Start A Smokies, Sausages, and Boiled Eggs Business in Kenya

These are the steps to take:

Market research

Begin by doing a market research of your target customers just to understand the market dynamics. That way you will know at what time you will expect more customers, the amount of kachumbari you need to prepare and how other vendors already in the market operate hence note the market gap. Also, you will be able to distinguish which customers like eggs and which ones prefer sausages to smokies.

Things to consider as you conduct a market research for your eggs and smokies business idea:

  • The best places to set up your business
  • The best hours to se
  • How much you will need to create a viable business

  • Pricing factors of the location and competitors.
  • The kind of equipment needed and where to find it at a cheaper cost.
  • Popular types of eggs for the customers. Some prefer kienyeji but ‘grade’ will sell better.

Develop a business plan

One of the most looked upon thing in starting small scale businesses is the business plan. It’s a document that will enable you to weigh the kind of business model you are going to implement; whether you’re going to sell the smokies, sausages and eggs by yourself or employ people to sell them and pay them on commission basis.

In addition, a business plan will allow you to put into perspective your long term and short term goals, the amount of capital you need and how you will raise it, your key partners in terms of suppliers and customers and how you intend to reach them.

Choose a strategic location for your egg and smokies business

You just need to be strategic with the business location, be resilient and you will make it in the end. Go ahead and identify a strategic location for the business. For instance, a smokies, eggs and sausages business will do well in a place with high foot traffic such as colleges, bus stations, schools, clubs and pubs and near markets.

Raise the needed capital

After identifying the location, you can now raise the capital and acquire the necessary licenses. The main items in the budget are the vending trolley.

You may want to know what the smokies and eggs trolley price is in Kenya. Usually, it will cost a maximum of Ksh 15,000.

Both the individual medical certificate & trading license at Ksh 3,000.

A tray of eggs at approximately Ksh 300 and packets of smokies and sausages at Ksh 1,000.

You can set aside Ksh 700 for miscellaneous costs ( salt, tomatoes, onions) totaling to Ksh 20,000 on the higher side.

How should you raise the capital for your business?

  • Use your personal savings. This is the best way to finance your startup business.
  • Ask for help/loan from family and friends: The second best method is to seek financial aid from relatives or close friends.
  • Apply for a Ban

    k loan: As a last resort, you may turn to borrowing a loan from mobile loan app or bank.

Acquire the necessary licences

Other considerations to make in choosing a business include the licenses required, whether the place is designated for business and if there are any restrictions to that area.

Advertise the business

Market your business to potential customers in order to maximize sales hence increase profits. Let people know where you will be situated through posters and word of mouth and once the business picks then excellent customer services and hygiene will get you more customer referrals thus growth

Get a reliable supplier

Get a reliable supplier for the eggs, smokies, and sausages. You do not want to sell very well today and lack what to sell the day after. Any moment you do not have what customers need is a lost opportunity to make profit. Read more about opportunity costs here.


In conclusion, the said startup capital of Ksh 20,000 is on the higher side, if you find a vending trolley at Ksh 7500, it lowers the capital requirements making it easier for you to start.
For a start up, you can expect to make up to Ksh 2,000 per day exclusive of expenses and as a wholesaler you can make up to Ksh 20,000 which is way above what the employed are making.

The vending of eggs, sausages and smokies is a lucrative business but just like any other business you will face challenges like competition and losses but with determination, resilience and patience you will succeed.

Now you know how to start a boiled eggs business in Kenya. Leave comments and suggestions in the comment section below.

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