Major imports and exports of Kenya

The strength of a country’s economy can be determined with what it imports into its borders and what it exports to other countries. For instance, if a country exports manufactured products, then its economy has advanced. A growing economy mostly exports agricultural produce, most of which is unprocessed. For instance, Kenya’s major export is tea. In future, when the economy will have advanced, agricultural produce will not be the major component of exports from Kenya.

I have prepared a comprehensive list of the major imports and exports from Kenya, if you’re interested to know then read on.

List of major imports of Kenya

The following is a list of the most imported products to Kenya:

1. Machinery and Transportation Equipment

Main import partners for the Machinery and Transportation Equipment: – China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Switzerland, USA.

2. Petroleum Products

Main import partners for the Petroleum Products are  Saudi Arabia (the leading supplier), United Arab Emirates, and other Middle East Countries.

3. Motor Vehicles

Main import partners for the Motor Vehicles are Japan, USA, and Germany.

4. Iron and Steel

Main import partners for iron and still are China, Germany, Iran, Japan, UK, USA, and South Africa.

5. Resins and Plastics

Main import partners for resin and plastics are China, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, UK, and the USA.

6. Packaged Medicaments

Main import partners for the

7. Wheat

Main import partners for the

List of major exports of Kenya

The following is a list of major exports in Kenya.

1. Tea

Tea is a major export of Kenya and a major foreign exchange for Kenya. Kenya’s leading export partner is Pakistan (over 20,000 metric tons). Other countries include Egypt, the UK, Russia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Nigeria, Jordan, India, and China.

2. Cut Flowers

Another major export of Kenya is flowers. The biggest importer of Kenyan flowers are in Europe. The continent accounts for almost 70% of the market share in terms of value. US, India, and China share the rest of the imports.

3. Coffee

Coffee is also another major export of Kenya. Importers of Kenyan coffee are Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Finland, the UK, Romania, and the USA.

4. Titanium Ore

Mined in Kwale, Kenya, we export Titanium Ore as slabs. Kenya exported Titanium oxides to Uganda ($116.81K, 37,225 Kg), Rwanda ($14.61K, 4,150 Kg), Burundi ($13.13K, 3,350 Kg).

5. Textiles

Kenya has been exporting textiles to other countries for decades. We ship Kenyan textile products to the United States, Uganda, Tanzania, China, and Congo.

6. Tobacco

Another major Kenyan export is tobacco. The principal export market for Kenya is Somalia, which accounts for over 40% of the market share in value. The list of other countries that import Kenyan Tobacco includes Congo, Egypt, Mauritius, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, South Sudan, and Tanzania.

7. Iron and Steel Products

Kenya exports around US$126.34 million worth of iron and steel products annually. The major import partners for this industry are United Arab Emirates, Uganda, South Sudan, Zambia, and Thailand.

8. Cement

Cement is also a major export of Kenya. The biggest importers of Kenyan cement are Uganda, with a share of 62% (16.1 million US$), Rwanda, South Sudan, and Dem. Rep. Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates

FAQ about major imports and exports of Kenya

  • What is Kenya’s main export? The main export of Kenya is tea. It accounts for around 23% of the country’s total exports.
  • What does Kenya export to the USA? Kenya exports several products to the USA, including cut flowers, coffee, Titanium Ore, and textiles.
  • What are the major imports of Kenya? The major imports of Kenya include iron and Steel, plastics, and textiles.