How to start a tent rental business in Kenya

Tent rental business is a venture involving buying tents and chairs then leasing them out to people holding events. The events may be weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, funerals, engagements, family gatherings or retirement parties.


With an increase in events being held, there is a heightened demand for tents and chairs. That alone makes it a lucrative business idea because of the ready market. It’s a good business as it is complimentary and can be done alongside videography, photography, decor, event management services as well as hiring out of sound systems. In this article, you’re going to learn what it takes to start and run a tents rental business in Kenya.

Capital Requirements for a tent rental business in Kenya

First of all, you need to determine the amount of money required to purchase the tents and chairs. Depending on the design and capacity, prices for tents and chairs are wide. For instance, a high-peak tent will cost differently from a flat roof or marquee the same way a dome tent’s price is not the same as a pyramid or a heart shaped one. Generally, a tent with a hundred people capacity will averagely cost Ksh 100,000. Other capital requirements include rent for storage space, labor costs, transportation costs and other operating costs totaling to an average of Ksh 400,000 as startup capital.

Licenses and Insurance for your tent and rental business

Since tent rental business requires quite huge capital, its advisable to insure it incase of calamities, theft or accidents.  Make sure you look for an expert on insurance policies for guidance. Also, find out the necessary permits and licenses required in Kenya to legalize the business and avoid fines and penalties.

How to choose a good location for a tent rental business

In choosing a location, its important that the premises are easily accessible and the areas’ demand is high. The place should be visible and if you compliment the tent rental business with chairs and sound system, then the place should be spacious and secure. Other considerations are the purchasing power of the people and organizations around that place and the regulations applicable in that community.

Considering the competition for the tent rental business in Kenya

Its clear that you won’t be the first person renting out tents and chairs. With such information, start by analyzing the market dynamics, identifying the market gap and focus on providing solutions to your target market. In as much as people may prefer already existing brands, if you maximize on the competitor’s weaknesses you will see your business bloom. For instance, you may choose to do deliveries to the venues of your clients, set up the tents and generally offer excellent customer service.

Marketing your tent rental business in Kenya

Let people know your tent rental business exists. To achieve this, you may have to come up with a marketing plan outlining the marketing strategies you’re going to employ. Consider doing introductory letters and brochures to individuals, event planners and organizations near your premises. Create a website for the business to achieve online presence and as well advertise on social media platforms. Additionally, market on local TV and radio stations and encourage referrals since marketing is the only way to be heard above the existing brands.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hire employees that have the expertise and skills in dealing with a tent rental business. Don’t be scared by the capital required to start the business; if you run short of funds from your personal savings, you can apply for a loan from the bank or seek for investors. Be sure to make a killing from a tent rental business if you put into action the outlined guidelines.