How to save with NSSF Kenya

Retirement is a transition from active and constant flow of income to uncertain cashflow and increasing demand for medical care. National Social Security Fund (NSSF), is a pension scheme that enables you save for your retirement.
The NSSF Act allows both those in formal or informal employment to save for retirement as long as they can make monthly contributions. See more about how you can save for retirement if you are in the informal sector or self-employed. You have to be a member to enjoy the benefits that start to accrue the moment you retire or hit the age of 55. Such savings are beyond your reach even in times of dire need or an emergency. NSSF as per the Act requires the employer and the employee to co-contribute a general sum that ranges from Kshs 360 to Kshs 1080. One can check on the status of the account by visiting the NSSF offices, they are free to all NSSF members.

How to register with NSSF

To be eligible to NSSF membership, you have to be of a contractual age that is 18 years and above. You should also afford to make monthly contributions. After registering as a member (employed members) this allows your employer to deduct from your salary amalgamating with their share and sending it to NSSF.
Registering as one engaged in formal employment, one needs to visit any of the NSSF branches across the country. Requirements include a copy of ID or passport and a reference letter or letter of appointment from the employer.

How to pay or save to NSSF upon successful registration

You will be provided forms in which you will fill and after successful filling, you will be issued with a membership card. You can share the details with your employer to facilitate remittance.
You can also make your deposits as a member through Safaricom M PESA service by following this procedure;
On your Safaricom handset select Safaricom menu and go to Lipa na M PESA

  1. Select pay bill and input the business no ‘333300
  2. This leads you to account number where you key in your NSSF number
  3. Key in the amount you wish to deposit and proceed to input your PIN number and press OK after confirming details
  4. You will receive a message notifying you of your transaction.

Haba Haba Plan

Haba Haba savings plan was launched in November 2019 in a bid to expand the coverage of social security net to include all, both in the formal and informal sector. The target is the low-income earners and those who get payments daily especially in the informal quarter. This is facilitated through a USSD no *303#.
USSD *303# allows you to do the following;

  • Access the NSSF statement without having to visit the branch
  • Contribute directly to NSSF through MPesa
  • Allows members to make payments on behalf of other members

Haba Haba allows members to save a minimum of Kshs 25 a day allowing you and an option to withdraw after consistently depositing for 5 years.


To access these funds on retirement you need a release letter – retirement letter, NSSF membership card, passport or National identification card and bank account. This cover insulates beneficiaries after retirements ensuring they get a form of steady income after retirement. It may not be equivalent or match the previous salary but it will go a long way meeting your needs. Save up today with NSSF and be safe after retirement.

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