Earn money responding to survey questions in Kenya

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In this blog, I help people that want to make money, and I try to find ways that they can do so with little to no effort. No doubt, if you are on this page you probably want to know how you can make money online, especially by just sharing your opinion.
Making money online does not have to be difficult or a mystery. It is possible and sharing the available opportunities is the least I can do.
With the current Kenyan economy (rising commodity prices), uncertainties with your fate in the workplace, an income that barely fits your needs, and an increasing urge to improve your current living standards, making money online will be a great avenue to explore.
While there are so many other opportunities to make money online, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, freelance writing, trading forex, betting, etc., sharing your opinion with the people that need it is the easiest and, more importantly, the safest method to make money online.
Sharing your opinion comes in more than one form. You can be asked to contribute, by way of writing, your opinion and attitude regarding something. Another way is by filling and completing online surveys. Both methods are safe since your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your consent. In fact, some companies require only the payment method from you and ask you to complete a survey without providing any confidential information like a name or contact.

What are the companies that pay for sharing your opinion?

The demand for data is on the rise. Companies need the information that is obtained from surveys to make decisions regarding their manufacturing processes. Others just need it to determine whether they should enter a given market. For instance, a company in the UK that is interested in scaling its business internationally will benefit from the feedback obtained from the potential market.
This kind of exercise is worthy paying for because businesses do not have the same positive reception around the world. Due to differences in culture and beliefs, a well doing product may not do so well in another geographical location. And it is never easy to determine this with just speculation. Of course, some are common knowledge like selling pork products to a population that is mainly Islamic.
Enough of the background information. Below are some of the companies from which you can earn by sharing your opinion.

1. Swagbucks

This is the best site to answer surveys. I signed up and within 5 minutes, I earned 5SB. Start earning today with Swagbucks. To earn you just sign up and answer surveys, please make sure the answers truthful and honest. Once you are discovered lying or repeating surveys, your account is banned and your revenue banishes just like that. You will be expected to respond to surveys, watch entertaining videos, search, shop online, and redeem your points for free gift cards.
You may even get a $5 bonus for signing up here.
See my earnings below and other opportunities to earn marked with ink.


This site also allows you to complete surveys for money. On average, they pay about $3-$5 per survey, the more the surveys you complete the more you earn.
You can sign up with MOBROG here

3. MySoapBox

MySoapBox is an online research community where firms collect needed information on the products or services they offer and how they can improve.
You can get started with MySoapBox here.

4. Opinion Outpost

Get paid for sharing your opinions with Opinion Outpost. Here, you can earn cash or gift cards.
You can get started with Opinion Outpost here.

5. Survey Junkie

Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products and services with Survey Junkie.
You can get started with Survey Junkie here.

6. MyPoints

Get free gift cards for taking polls, answering surveys and more.
You can earn $5 when you take 5 surveys here.

7. Springboard America

You can earn money with Springboard America just by answering questions with your honest answer.
You can sign up for Springboard America here.

8. Branded Surveys

To get started, all you have to do is create a profile and begin taking surveys.

You can get started with Branded Surveys here.

Will I make enough money sharing my opinion with these websites?

Of course you can not make enough money from just filling surveys, BUT it is totally worthy it. It is a constructive way to spend your free time. Besides, you may get informed or entertained from just doing it, because most of these activities involve filling out surveys, polls, watching videos, or just surfing the web.
This list is not comprehensive, please share the opportunities you know on the comment section, or get in touch with me and I will update it on the post.