Ferdinand Omanyala has been successful in his bid to be Kenya’s short race track runner. Since his rise to stardom, the star has owned all his fortunes to his family, the wife and his son. He shared a hearty message on social media to let the world know how grateful he is to his son and wife.

“I want to put my celebration aside to celebrate these two important people in my life. Been away this year for months. 4 weeks in South Africa and another 6 weeks in Japan.

Thanks so much, Amluv Lavesh, for always being there for me and being a shoulder to lean on. That sweet food you have been cooking.

To my kid Quinton Finn, I remember you telling me “Daddy nimekua mkubwa na bado haujarudi” . It was funny but I came to look for a good life for you.

Thanks so much, kid for understanding that dad has to leave go and run and give you the best life. U have been my motivation.”

Below are photos of his lovely wife and son:

Ferdinand Omonyala wife
Ferdinand Omanyala with his beautiful wife is past photoshoot
Ferdinand Omanyala wife
A gym session of Omanyala and his wife, Laventa. Love is a beautiful thing!
Omanyala with wife and son.

There you have it, you have seen how Ferdinand Omanyala, a successful athlete teaching Kenyan men to love their wives and children.


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