Booty call?

Shorts as far as the eye can see. The sight of the many pretty shorts makes us want summer, sun and sunshine. But not every pair of shorts is perfect for your golden downside. You can find out which trend piece suits you here.

Shorts now have an absolute cult factor. Whether high-waist shorts or pant skirts – shorts are probably the most practical but also the most comfortable companions to show off your summery tanned legs. But not only your legs want to be seen. Your downside also deserves to be perfectly styled when walking through the streets of your city. We’ll tell you which shorts suit your butt shape best, so that you can really show off the advantages of your piece of gold.

1. Paper bag shorts

Paperbag shorts are particularly popular this year. The high waist shorts draw the focus directly to your waist and at the same time ensure that it looks slim and feminine. The fashion trend is particularly popular with women with an A-shaped bottom. That means the line from your waist to your butt looks like an A.

It is best to choose paperbag shorts that reach down to the middle of your thighs and sit loosely and casually on your body. Also make sure that the back pockets of the shorts are close to the middle seam, because this will visually stretch your buttocks.

2. Shorts with playful ruffles or flounces

Flounces and ruffles are the mega trend and are worn on skirts, dresses and blouses. There are now also romantic appliqu├ęs on trousers and shorts, which you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. Shorts with ruffles or flounces are particularly suitable for square or small bottoms. Because this often goes hand in hand with a rather flat silhouette. In order to cheat your buttocks a bit bigger and thus put them in the limelight, you should choose your shorts with an exciting pattern or a bright color. Extra tip: Tight hot pants are also made for your bottom.

3. Culottes

It is not without reason that the trouser skirt is a popular companion in our everyday life. Because it impresses with its lightness and practicality without having to lose its elegance. With it you can even ride your bike through the city easily and casually without allowing unwanted insights.

The culottes fit fantastic, especially with your round buttocks. It is best to choose high waist shorts, because they show off your curves even better. Models without a back pocket flatter your well-balanced butt shape best. But boyfriend-style shorts for a more casual look also go wonderfully with your downside.

4. High-waisted shorts

High waist shorts are more popular than ever and therefore come in an infinite number of designs. No wonder, because the cut visually lifts your buttocks and at the same time stretches your silhouette thanks to the high seat. A-line shorts with a slightly flared leg are perfect if you have a V-shaped bottom.

If you opt for the classic denim, you should consciously pay attention to the position of the buttocks. Deep-seated pockets give your butt a little more fullness and cheat you with more volume. But shorts with a long cut length (approx. 4-5 cm) also create the impression that your hips and bottom are sitting higher.

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