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Best English news anchors in Kenya, who is your favorite?

With the migration of Kenyan TV channels from analogue to digital transmissions. The number of TV stations in Kenya has also grown tremendously and Kenyans have a preference for one or two of these stations. One of the most important factors in increasing the viewership of a TV station is the choice of news anchors […]


The 2022 list of KBC’s News anchors, profiles & bios

KBC was for a long time the only television network in Kenya. It has had ups and downs over the years, especially due to the increase in the number of television networks in Kenya. Although KBC has lost viewership over the years, its management is determined to ensure that the media house remains competitive within […]


Best Kenyan hit music to listen to in 2022?

Kenya is a talented country with music unique to its people. From Genge to Gengetone and a fusion of Afropop and RnB, Kenyan musicians do not disappoint at all. Below are the best music releases of 2022 you can wind up with. Whether you are on a road trip, at a party, or just when […]


Who are the popular media personalities in Uganda?

Uganda is one country in East Africa with interesting personalities. In this post I am sharing a list of some of the most prominent media personalities in the country. A media personality is an individual that becomes a celebrity by virtue of their career. These people often start off their career as little insignificant reporters […]


What are the real names of Citizen TV’s “Sultana” series cast?

Citizen TV is the most popular TV station in Kenya, and for a reason. The media house is popular for its captivating shows that are curated to impress all age groups. In 2020, Maria TV show had every Kenyan glued to their TVs every day it aired and for those that missed it, well, there […]